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ACEPRO - Automatic Control Equipment for Professionals. Acepro is committed to bringing our customers

AV management

Vienas iš svarbiausių vaizdo ir garso sistemų kriterijų yra kokybiškas signalų perdavimas, taisyklinga instaliacija ir patogus valdymas. Be šių dalykų net ir brangiausia sistema praranda savo vertę bei funkcionalumą.

Heating control

Automatinio šildymo sistemos valdymo pagrindinė paskirtis – palaikyti norimas patalpų temperatūras ir sumažinti šildymui skirtas išlaidas. Tik efektyvi šildymo sistema leis Jums mėgautis komfortiška aplinka mažiausiais kaštais.

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Our work field

Evolving technologies are increasing day by day and bring into our lives more and more progress and opportunities. However, this process and wide its using in everyday life makes new challenges in order to effectively manage and exploit all opportunities.

Our household also no exception, we use lots of such systems which are ordinary in these days: the heating and air conditioning, security system, power lines, lighting, etc. However, most of these systems operate independently of each other, they do not cooperate with each other and don't have convenient control. This not only reduces their attractiveness, but do not often cover all the possibilities offered by technology and wasted material resources. 

One of the ways for maximum comfort and efficiency is achieved by pooling the various systems into one automated system and user-friendly and understandable to its management. This not only provides more comfort and security, but also saves money and increases the attractiveness of investment.
This compilation of multi-functional systems, their autonomy and decentralization of management, will be able to create a special home comfort, economy and security and it could be called smart home concept.

Therefore, our company creates, distributes and installs advanced automatic control systems. These systems combine a variety of different devices and technologies into one or more to facilitate the using of technology, and provides in user-understandable form. 
We try to create modern technology management for invisible work in humans’ daily lives, ant that can save money and time.
We develop products and services that are exceptional in the market due to its unique characteristics, versatility, and usability in wide range of applications and easily adapted for any project.