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AV management

Vienas iš svarbiausių vaizdo ir garso sistemų kriterijų yra kokybiškas signalų perdavimas, taisyklinga instaliacija ir patogus valdymas. Be šių dalykų net ir brangiausia sistema praranda savo vertę bei funkcionalumą.

Heating control

Automatinio šildymo sistemos valdymo pagrindinė paskirtis – palaikyti norimas patalpų temperatūras ir sumažinti šildymui skirtas išlaidas. Tik efektyvi šildymo sistema leis Jums mėgautis komfortiška aplinka mažiausiais kaštais.

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Heating control

A large part of the housing maintenance cost includes cost for heating, so for every user is very important to reduce them. This issue receives a considerable attention, but mostly confined the improvement of building structures, to reduce heat losses. But new management techniques and algorithms to Improving heating systems efficiency are less exploited.

The heating efficiency of the system depends not only on quality of the constituent heating system elements (boiler, piping, radiators, etc.), but also to a large extent on the efficiency of algorithm which controls whole system to maintain the desired indoor temperature and reduce heating costs. All this is achieved by the automatic heating control system with intellectual algorithms, which combines separate units into one system and manages it effectively according to the thermodynamic properties of the building, meteorological conditions and by heat sources (solar energy, domestic electric appliances, fireplaces, heat emitted by people and so on).

Our company is introducing an automated heating system that manages different types of heating boilers, circulation pump, valves, storage tanks and other items, to achieve best possible efficiency by using all possible thermal/electric resources handling. Heating systems can help control the indoor temperature for each room by applying different programs by different criteria: time, weather conditions, humidity and so on. Also you get possibility to remotely control the temperature to monitor the current temperatures, and overall system performance. Thus system not only provides more comfort, freeing you from of the common system care, but most importantly - allows you to reduce from 20 to 40 percent of energy resources over the year.